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Autism and isolation: How coronavirus is affecting kids on the spectrum and their parents

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  二月 09, 2021     admin yesomega  

I am autistic and I am keen on my routine in life. I work full time as a uber driver and the coronavirus outbreak has had an impact on the way we run our services. Fewer cabs are needed on the road, so our shifts have had to change at rather short notice. I have also had to adjust to different times on our usual routes. My work have been very supportive through all this, and my managers and colleagues have all really looked out for me.

I struggle on days off, as I live on my own and I haven’t been able to see any of my friends or family. My friends all know I am autistic and have been at the end of the phone for me, checking on me every few hours to make sure I am okay. This has been extremely comforting. I have also set myself a routine. I wake up at a certain time and I have activities planned, such as cleaning, playing games or watching TV.

The social distancing rules in supermarkets have thrown me a bit, especially when it comes to queueing outside. I can understand why this is being done in the current circumstances, but the sudden change has still been very overwhelming. I am now unable to go into a supermarket without getting confused or having a meltdown. Online delivery slots are almost impossible to get, although my brother has been kind enough to get my shopping for me and drop it at my door.

One important thing I have to remind myself, through all of this, is that it will not last forever. It is just temporary. I look forward to the future and things slowly returning to normal again.

admin yesomega



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