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Positive Parenting- A Healthy Parenthood

Início / Positive Parenting- A Healthy Parenthood
  Sep 03, 2019     Deepanwita Ghosh  

What is the concept?

Parenting is the process of nurturing and shaping your child’s mental and emotional growth. When parents do it positively like encourages them in their field of interest, avoid rudely shouting on them, acknowledges them to not do any misbehavior, avoid to follow mismanagement in their family and many more. These all lead to direct positive parenting.

The Powers of Positive Parenting-

  1. “Parenting is always depended on the child-parent relationship!”
  2. Parenting positively grows the children with good discipline and valuable morals which is a dream of every parent.
  3. Positive parenting, in other words, is the way of having friendship with your child, which should be from both sides, i.e., parents and the child.
  4. When parents develop effective skills to communicate with their child, then generation gaps between both of them fill gradually.
  5. Proper guidance is only the tool with which an immature child becomes matured youngsters. Proper guidance and support of the parents can shape their child’s future with the success.
  6. A child is like a flower of a garden; if we are going to water it properly, taking care of them, they will blossom. So the parents should be aware that how to maintain the relationship balance with their child.
  7. Positive parenting always makes children, to be frank with their parents and develops mutual understanding.


 7 Best Positive Parenting Skills-

Seven Best Ways of Positive Parenting are-

  1. Always try to spend some time with your child: Giving attention is the best way to study your child’s mind and behavior. This will stop your child to generate negativity in their minds about their parents.
  2. Be always serious about daily activities: Always being in touch with your children helps to know their daily activities; with which we can experience their bad habits and take measurable actions to improve it.
  3. Taking care of the meal: Make sure that your child is taking a meal properly. Skipping meals can stop your child’s physical and mental growth. The meal provides the necessary nutrition to the body, if it will be skipped then a child can be a patient of malnutrition.
  4. Educate your child about the importance of family: Family is the base of life. Family teaches them life skills and prevent their children from any harmful company. Make sure your child does trust over you.
  5. Encourage your child to understand the problem and solve it: Many experiments showed that shouting on children makes them introvert and hesitative. First, you should understand the problem then take step towards solving it calmly instead in a rude manner. Make your child learn how to take initiative for solving their problem.
  6. Never ignore the misbehavior: Misbehavior may be the symptom of growing age or having a harmful company. Until this kind of behavior becomes a big issue, make the right strategies to sort it out.
  7. Always teach them right thought: Never say your child to do the wrong thing in any case. If someday he is doing something wrong then scold them for that but in a positive manner.

All these above were the positive parenting tips and tricks. Hope you liked this and it can be helpful to nurture your child’s future!

Deepanwita Ghosh

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