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Autism- A Neurodevelopment Disorder

Início / Autism- A Neurodevelopment Disorder
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What is Autism?

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) is a neurodevelopment disorder which affects a person's whole cognitive, physical, emotional and social health.

ASD Symptoms:

At the first year of a child, one can detect ASD by the following signs:

  1. Communication problem;
  2. Repetitive Behavior towards a situation/event;
  3. Difficulty in Social Interaction; and
  4. Obsessive Interests

3 Most Common Types of ASD:

  • Asperger Syndrome: Individual with this type generally has mild symptoms of autistic disorder. The characteristics include social challenges and different unusual interests.
  • Autistic Disorder: Its other name is "Classic Disorder". This type includes social, verbal and non-verbal communication and unusual interests challenges.
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified: This is the mildest one. This kind includes mostly social and developmental issues like motor skills.

Is ASD Curable?

ASD is a mental disorder which is not fully curable. But, one can help the autistic person to control it if diagnosed at the very early stage.

Therapies for diagnosing Autism:

  1. Family Therapy: An autistic child or individual should be given a positive and accepting environment at their home. This helps a child to improve communication and behavioral skills with their family members.
  2.  Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA): It is used in schools and clinics to improve verbal communication and positive behavior and cut the negative ones.
  3. Floor Time Therapy: It involves playing activities with your autistic child. The games or activities will be the child's choice. This improves his/her reflexive behavior to an action/other people.
  4. TEACCH: This includes visual techniques like picture cards to make a child learn every day or daily life tasks.
  5. PECS: It includes symbols to help a child communicate with these symbols.
  6. Occupational Therapy: This kind of therapy makes a child inculcate the habit of day-to-day activities like bathing, brushing, combing hair, etc.
  7. Sensory Integration Therapy: This therapy makes a child gets adapted to the sensations of touch, exposure to light and sounds that is to make a child aware of the surroundings.


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