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Janata curfew, social distancing and gratitude: Key takeaways from PM Modi's speech on coronavirus

Hogar / Janata curfew, social distancing and gratitude: Key takeaways from PM Modi's speech on coronavirus
  Mar 21, 2020     admin yesomega  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday addressed the nation on the outbreak of novel coronavirus, a deadly virus that has claimed over 9,000 lives across the globe and has affected over 2 lakh people.

The prime minister said that even as it may seem that India has been relatively protected from the Covid-19 outbreak, it was not true. "For the last few days, it looks like if we are safe from [novel] coronavirus. This belief is not right.

The PM said that while the government was keeping a close watch on the track record of the spread of novel coronavirus, for a developing country like India with a large population, novel coronavirus was not a normal situation. "Hence, it is very important for every Indian to remain aware and alert," the prime minister said.

PM Modi urged every Indian to resolve to fight against the Covid-19 and exhibit restraint by practicing social distancing and avoiding hoarding.

In his 30 minute speech, PM Narendra Modi assured the nation that the supply of essential services will not be hampered while the country fights the disease. He also urged people with a relatively better financial situation to be kind and humane towards their employees or domestic help during the time of crisis.


Here are the key takeaways from PM Modi's address to the nation on novel coronavirus:

Resolve and restrain

PM Modi said that every Indian must commit to fighting against the outbreak of novel coronavirus with resolve and restraint. PM Modi, in his address to the nation, urged each Indian to commit to the fight against Covid-19 to help curb its spread and stay safe.


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